All Things Beethoven An extensively researched site (thesis) on the origins of the Eroica through an examination of the Wielhorsky sketchbook located in Moscow. A must read for serious researchers.
Beethoven the Magnificent Master Superb site!  Excellent for researchers and Beethoven fans alike.
Ludwig van Beethoven's Website Another highly recommended website.  A real labor of love.  Lot's of interesting stuff.  Good work Dominique!
The Beethoven Bibliography Database The Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies at San Jose State University.  The last stop for Beethoven researchers.
Beethoven Haus Bonn Web site of the Beethoven House in Bonn.  In German with some pages in English.  Very interesting.
Beethoven Reference Site Located in the UK, this site, as the name suggests, contains lots of reference information on Beethoven.
Classical Music Archives A great site for MIDI junkies.  Lots of exceptional Beethoven MIDIs.
Beethoven Connection Another great MIDI site.
Eroica House Website of the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.  Contains information on the house where the Eroica was composed. Also contains interactive analysis of the Eroica.
The Unheard Beethoven Fascinating website containing the rarely heard works of Beethoven.  Check out the realization of the Macbeth Overture.
Antonio Salieri For a slight change of pace - how about Salieri. This is my latest website concerning the life of Antonio Salieri, Beethoven's teacher for several years.
Louis Moreau Gottschalk Gottschalk was the first American pianist / composer to receive European recognition, back in the 1840s. Check out this site with a biography and many recordings of his music.
The History of Studebaker Yeah, nothing to do with music. This thoroughly researched site covers the complete history of Studebaker Corporation from wagon manufacture in the 19th century to it's last days in the 1960s. Richly illustrated with engaging text.

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