The Eroica has always held a special interest and fascination for me, more than just a favorite.  I have always felt that this work represents the single most important event in music history and the urge to express this has now come to fruition.

My personal experiences with the Eroica stem from a lifelong love of Beethoven's music.  As a teenager in the 60s, when my classmates were listening to Janis Joplin and the Beatles, I suddenly found myself interested in classical music and enthusiastically listened to everything I possibly could.  Over the next few years my passion for the classics grew and my taste ranged from the Baroque to Wagner to Stockhausen.  Ultimately though, I found myself drawn most to Beethoven.  His music stirred emotions like no other.  I can recall my voyage of discovery as though it just happened and in particular remember the first time I listened to the Eroica while reading the score.  Somewhere around the coda of the first movement, I came to realize just how far this single work had advanced the art of symphonic writing.  As luck would have it, at about the same point in time, I had the opportunity to hear the Eroica performed live.  My Mother and I made a short pilgrimage to a small town in Colorado here called Evergreen where we heard the Eroica as it should be, in an auditorium.  My Mom told me years later, that was her introduction to Beethoven and has loved his music ever since.  This web site has allowed me to express the deep appreciation I feel for this ageless masterpiece and perhaps someone visiting here will gain a similar insight and love for the Eroica Symphony.

In designing this site I have adhered to two main objectives.  First, provide the web-surfer with enough information to be of possible use without excluding the uninitiated.  Second, make the experience entertaining.

In keeping with these objectives, some of my design decisions are as follows.  The choice of background and text color was meant to resemble the written page.  In the analysis section I have included links to musical terms for those not familiar with that language.  At the end of each movement, there is a thematic index to facilitate navigation to individual pages.  To avoid copyright and royalty issues by using an existing recording, I elected to sequence the Eroica on a synthesizer and convert the results to MP3s.  I confess it's not the best sounding orchestra but for illustrative purposes I think it is adequate.  For those who are wondering why I have reviews in the first movement and not the others, frankly, I ran out of bandwidth and can't afford it.  And in the interest of fairness, I left all interpretations open, even my own.  Anyone new to the Eroica can then come to their own conclusion as to its meaning.  I hope I have succeeded in my endeavors and solicit your feedback.

     W. A. DeWitt, Composer
     Grand Junction, Colorado

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